“The citizen’s …


“The citizen’s job is to be rude – to pierce the comfort of professional intercourse by boorish expressions of doubt.”
John Ralston Saul

I would rather think about other things. Interesting things. Instead, I find myself consumed by an obsession with all things political. This is not an interesting obsession. It’s certainly not compelling, like sex. It belongs to that category I call  “housekeeping”–a category I choose because it belongs in the domain of routine and contains things we wouldn’t normally give much thought to.

It’s a nagging, worrisome category–and of interest–only when things that should be done don’t get done. Which describes U. S. politics today. And things aren’t done because everyone at all points on the political spectrum is consumed by ideology and idealism.

In private affairs, ideology and idealism can be tolerated. If I don’t like your beliefs, I can ignore them. In politics, ignoring things only…

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